A New Variety of Sugarcane, Best Suited for South India to fight Red Rot Disease

In the last few years, farmers have suffered due to red rot disease of sugarcane. Now a sugarcane has come out which will eliminate this problem. The Indian Sugarcane Research Institute, Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Research Council, Shahjahanpur have developed new varieties of sugarcane. 14201 (CoLk-14201) which grows rapidly and is the 14233 (CoS-14233) variety.

Higher yield Get more sugar. This sugarcane variety has a good ability to fight red rot. Pest attacks are very rare. Quality is very beneficial for farmers. The problem of sugarcane red disease is increasing in Gujarat. Due to which the cane stalks turn red. Which spoil sugar production.

New sugarcane yield is 900-1000 quintal per hectare. The cane stands upright. Does not fall down Jagger is golden in color and is of excellent quality. Which is considered excellent as organic.

Seeds will available to the farmers in this year 2021. Therefore, cooperative sugar mills of Gujarat will try to get this sugarcane seed from now on. Presently, these seeds are being produced in large quantities with the help of Milo. Therefore, cooperative sugar mills of Gujarat will try to achieve this. The government is trying to get 50 percent of this seed to farmers next year. Are being prepared by select farmers and sugar mills. Farmers will be able to get its seeds easily next year. Next year 50 percent of the farmers will produce 14201 seeds.


Sugarcane cultivation in Gujarat, India

Sugarcane was planted in 1.5 lakh hectares in Gujarat in 2019-20. In which 107 lakh tonnes of sugarcane was produced. The yield per hectare was 71 thousand kilograms showing an average yield of 713 quintals per hectare. In which 20% loss is due to sugarcane from red rot. It can now be stopped. Due to heavy rains and incessant rains in Gujarat, the fields were continuously flooded. The disease spread to the surrounding fields. With the new variety, farmers are expected to increase production to 100 kg per hectare.

In 1988 CoLk14204, Co15023, CoPb14185 and CoSe 11453, MS13081, VSI 12121, Co13013, CoLk 8001 varieties were recommended for commercial cultivation in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat. In sugarcane, medium-late variety of sugarcane, high sugar, starch and high yield potential, this variety is tolerant to borers. Therefore, this organization has done little for Gujarat.

Sugar prices
Currently, the price of sugar in Gujarat is Rs 3171 to Rs 3211 per M / 30. A meeting of all secretaries and sugarcane commissioners of sugar producing states was called. It was estimated that 291 million tonnes of sugarcane would be converted to 305 lakh tonnes of sugar and 2 million tonnes of sugar into ethanol. The expected ethanol supply in 2020-21 will be 300 million liters from the sugar sector. FRP will be paid to the farmers of about Rs 93,000 crore.