Fireworks Business Information (FBI) was first established in 2008, a subsidiary of the Fireworks Trade Media Group which also owns the exhibitions arm known as Fireworks Exhibitions & Conferences (FEC), FBI currently own publications ranging from Palm oil, Sugar to the Oil & Gas industry.

With our strong in-house database built by our publications, our exhibitions division, and reinforced by the support of the various government organizations and trade associations, we are proud to be one of the leading marketing resources in the South East Asia industry.

Fireworks Business Information (FBI) is currently rated as one of the leading trade publishers in South East Asia with branches in 6 countries namely: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Taiwan.

Some of the publications include:
• Asia Palm Oil Magazine                                       •  Sugar Asia Magazine
• Indonesia Palm Oil Directory                             •  Automate Indonesia Magazine
• Marine Today                                                        • Oil & Gas Today


Our revolutionary, custom-built information delivery platform maximizes accessibility to quickly provide industry professionals with the information they need to make decisions.

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You can also contact our team by email or telephone
Direct Tel: +66(0)2 513 1418 ext. 108