BRR Kicks off Bagasse-Based Packaging Production & Ready to be Certified by Din Certo for Future Business in Europe

Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited (BRR) is ready to start production of bagasse-based packaging machinery for Amercare Royal, one of the four major importers in the United States for many leading restaurant chains. Full operation of 4 machines is expected in the first phase of the last quarter this year before 6 more machines are installed at the beginning of 2022 for marketing expansion in Europe.

Mr. Anant Tangtongwechakit, BRR’s Chair of Executive Committee, addressed that the Sugarcane Eco Ware (SEW), BRR’s affiliate, was preparing bagasse-based packages under customers’ brand names for Amercare Royale. The production requires a total of 10 machines able to produce 10 million items monthly under a long-term contract. In the first phase, 4 machines will be used to produce all items required by customers by the last quarter this year. After forming molds, 2 sets of products in the first lot will arrive in Thailand and installation will be completed by the end of this month, enabling commercial production to launch.

In terms of the 2nd phase, the SEW will install more machinery to support orders of its partners. The machinery is expected to start commercial operation in the first quarter of 2022. At the same time, Southern Champion Tray Co. Ltd. (SCT) allowed the company to produce, under OEM, bagasse-based packaging products, using one machine with a need to add one more product manufacturing line for an export to the US. In brief, when combined with the other 2 machines that have already supplied the domestic market demand, it will enable SEW’s production capacity with 14 machines to fully operate by the mid of 2022.

Mr. Anant also added that the bagasse-based packaging project that the company has pioneered as the new S-curve to create long-term growth had recently received the Din Certo EN13432 product standard certificate from Din Certo TUVRheinland, Germany. Such certificate assures the product’s standard that it is non-polluting, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable within 45 days. Also, receiving the certificate will help expand the company’s business in Europe in the future.