Green Light to Invest 7.5 Billion Baht Launch Biocomplex in Thailand in 2021

Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company (KTIS), along with Global Green Chemical Public Company Limited (GGC), have signed a joint agreement for a loan worth 5,200 million Baht from Krung Thai Bank to launch the first bio-complex in Nakhon Sawan in 2021.

Mr. Prapan Siriwiriyakul, the chairman of KTIS’ executive board, revealed that the Nakhon Sawan Bio-Complex, known as NBC, was a project mustering strength between KTIS and GGC as the former is an expert on sugar cane production whereas the latter is well known for environmentally-friendly chemical products.

“It is considered the first time in Thailand this project has been initiated in accordance with the government’s policy to promote bioeconomy. Apart from being useful for national economy of the country, Thai farmers will earn more income and enjoy better life quality,” added Mr. Prapan.

Mr. Seksan Attamangkul, the managing director or GGC, also addressed that the board of the company had recently approved of the project. In the first period, no more than 7,500 million Baht would be used. 5,200 Baht of it is derived from a bank loan while the rest comes from mutual funding provided by GGC and KTIS. The bio-complex will be constructed in May, 2019, and is expected to commercially function in the first trimester of 2021.”

The construction is divided into two phases. The first one belongs to construction of a sugar cane extraction factory of which production capacity is 24,000 tons daily. Also, an ethanol production factory of which production capacity is 600,000 liters daily and around 186 million liters yearly, as well as an electricity generating and steam production factory where 85 Mega Watts of electricity and 457 tons of steam per hour will be constructed to prepare for investment infrastructure of biochemical and bioplastic manufacturing later.

In terms of the second phase of construction, the study on cellulostic technology together with foreign business allies will be conducted. It will focus on how to add value to bagasse until a biochemical or environmentally-friendly product is successfully made. The Nakhon Sawn Bio-Complex is expected to be a multi-purposed bio hub of Thailand where bioindustries of the country can be fully and effectively topped up.

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