Hydrous Ethanol Sales rise 43% in Brazil’s Centre-South

Brazil’s Centre-South ethanol producers sold 962.32 million litres (254.21 million gallons) of hydrous ethanol in the first two weeks of the September for a 42.69% year-on-year increase.

Anhydrous ethanol sales stood at around 353.68 million litres. In all, the total ethanol sales for the first half of the month amounted to a little over 1.31 billion litres, local sugarcane industry association Unica announced.

New hydrogen station. Photo: H2 MOBILITY / Felix Krumbholz

From the start of the sugarcane harvest up until September 15, the total volume of ethanol sold in the country’s Centre-South region was 13.58 billion litres, of which about 775 million litres of the biofuel were intended for export and 12.8 billion for domestic consumption.

Ethanol production stood at 2.25 billion litres in the country’s Centre-South region for the first half of September, up 6.86%%, with hydrous ethanol accounting for 1.56 billion litres, Unica noted.

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