IAPSIT 2018 takes the important role in sugar and sugarcane industry as it will be the first time ever in Thailand

Kasetsart University and TSSCT lead the press conference to announce IAPSIT 2018, The first time ever on Thailand’s sugar and sugarcane academic platform joined forces by the five major sugarcane planter associations as hosts.

Kasetsart University and Thailand Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (TSSCT) led the press conference to announce the 6th International Sugar Conference (IAPSIT 2018) to be held from 6-9 March 2018 at Udon Dussadee Convention Center, Charoen Hotel, Udon Thani, under the theme “Sugarcane Improvement, Biotechnology, Bio-Refinery and Diversification: Impacts on Bio-based Economy” aiming for showcasing effective innovation responding the challenges on sustainability in sugar and sugarcane industry where upstream and downstream of the its supply chain have been integrated for collective actions. Furthermore, Bio-technology application, the local planter engagement, and young researcher development promotion are to be emphasized though this upcoming conference.

17th January 2018 – Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat, Acting President of Kasetsart University (K.U.) and Chairman of Press Conference, along with Mr. Cherdpong Siriwit, Chairman of ASEAN Sugar Alliance (ASA), Mr. Teerachai Saenkaew, President of The North-Isan Sugarcane Planters Association, and Mr. Kitti Choonhawong, President of TSSCT and IAPSIT 2018 Conference Chairman took the leading roles of the press conference.

Dr. Chongrak Wachrinrat informed the meeting that co-hosting IAPSIT 2018 supports the important mission and roles of K.U. for Thailand’s sugar and sugarcane development promotion since the conference will be a platform to promote the relevant research and knowledge sharing. K.U. has been the key academic institute consisting of important resources in this field, more than 261 researchers and professors with more than 295 related research projects since 1993. In addition, the active academic program on sugar technologies has been set up here and received high attention from factories, related government and private agencies. More than 500 graduates of this program have been key drivers supporting the development of Thailand’s sugar and sugarcane industry.

Mr. Cherdpong Siriwit, on behalf of President of the ASA, said that he was pleased that Thailand will be the host country of IAPSIT 2018 since Thailand has been playing the important role in the regional sugar and sugarcane industry both economically and academically. IAPSIT 2018 will be the platform to promote Thailand as a hub of innovative cooperation to enhance academic strength of ASEAN in accordance with ASA framework, particularly in research development and innovation sharing where feasibility studies also have been conducted for future collaboration and investment among academicians and entrepreneurs.

Mr. Teerachai Saenkaew said that he was very pleased that the local planters in Udon Thani and neighboring provinces in the Northeastern Thailand will co-host IAPSIT 2018.

IAPSIT 2018 is the first conference in Thailand focusing on the participation of planters from all over the country. Not only The North-Isan Sugarcane Planters Association but also Thailand Sugarcane Planters Federation, The United Association of Thai Sugarcane Planters, The Unity of Thailand Sugarcane Planters, and The North Eastern Sugar Cane Planters Federation are joining forces to organize this special conference.

IAPSIT 2018 will be the important platform to present the role of the local manufacturing sector on
the national and international platforms, in researches related to innovation development for sugar and sugarcane industry in Thailand since we have been able to reflect on the needs of implementers aiming for effective policies and innovations to solve the challenges related to sustainable production. Therefore, we are one of the key factors to emphasize and drive the innovative cooperation among all relevant sectors to effectiveness.

The five major sugarcane associations will support the participation of more than 600 visitors from their members.

Mr. Kitti Choonhawong said that, the research and development of sugar and sugarcane innovation in the country is presently promoted by the government sector, the academic sector, and the private sector in Thailand with awareness of this industry’s important role in driving the country’s economic development. Many kinds of value-added production derive from sugar and sugarcane innovations, for instance, production of Ethanol, electricity and renewable energy.

At present, sugarcane biotechnology plays an important role in the bio-based economy of many sugar producing countries around the world. Domestic policies and action plans are in place to support biotechnologies in various industries, for instance, agriculture, bio-energy and healthcare. As well as Thailand, the government has supported the investment in research development and application of biotechnologies in various industries including the sugar industry for increasing the economic value and sustainability of planters at the household level and the whole industry at the national level.

With awareness of the importance of research and development of bio-technological innovations related to the sugar and sugar industry. TSSCT will organize IAPSIT 2018, in collaboration with International Association of Professionals in Sugar and Integrated Technologies (IAPSIT). IAPSIT is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting research and development of the sugar and sugar industry, focusing on developing countries. IAPSIT also supports young researcher development.

The highlights of IAPSIT 2018, for instance, the inauguration ceremony on 6th March, will be honored by the participation of the executives at the national and provincial levels. Dr. Somchai Harnhirun, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry, will preside over the ceremony, and Mr. Wattana Puthichart, Governor of Udon Thani Province, will deliver the welcome remarks as Udon Thani will be the host city of IAPSIT 2018.

The Technical Program of IAPSIT 2018 includes of keynote lectures related to the current issues from the well-known specialists, for instance, biotechnologies in Sugarcane and Sugar Industry, field management for maximum efficiency, advanced knowledge on bio-based economy related to sugarcane and sugar industry.

More than 150 international-level quality researches will be presented at IAPSIT 2018 which have been selected from the Editorial Board from Sugar Tech Journal.

There will be innovations and advanced technologies from government agencies and more than 15 private companies. The exhibition inauguration ceremony and delegate reception will be held on 5th March.

Regarding the Technical Tour on 9th March, Erawan Sugar Group kindly supports the technical visit of delegates at Erawan Sugar Research & Development Center, Sugar Factory and Bio-power Plant in Nong Bua Lamphu Province.

Participation of young researchers is also one of IAPSIT 2018’s targets and TSSCT allocates 50 scholarships for providing young researchers financial support.


“IAPSIT 2018 takes the important role in sugar and sugarcane industry as it will be the first time ever in Thailand that the five major sugarcane associations join forces to host the key conference for the future inclusive development of the industry which will present the clearer picture of the collective actions and roles of all related sectors to support Thailand’s sugar and sugarcane industry in the global market especially ASEAN”

The kind support of all related sectors at the national and international levels is the key factors to make this conference possible. The supportive organizations are as follows:

Co-hosts: Kasetsart University; International Association of Professionals in Sugar and Integrated Technologies; Thailand Sugarcane Planters Federation; The United Association of Thai Sugarcane Planters; The Unity of Thailand Sugarcane Planters; The North Eastern Sugar Cane Planters Federation; The North-Isan Sugarcane Planters Association.

Supporting Organizations: Thai Sugar Millers Corporation Limited, Erawan Sugar Company Limited; Office of the Cane and Sugar Board Department of Agriculture of Thailand; Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau; Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences (GXAAS), China; The Sugar Technologists Association of India (STAI); Society for Sugar Research & Promotion (SSRP), India; and ASEAN Sugar Alliance.

Media Partner: Sugar Asia Magazine.

Sponsors: Mitr Phol Sugar Corporation Limited; CNH Industrial (Thailand) Limited; Erawan Sugar Group; Thaus Co., Ltd. (Crop Tech Asia); Rivulis Irrigation Ltd., Samartkasetyon Co., Ltd.; Syngenta Crop Protection Co., Ltd.; Saksiam International Co., Ltd.; Kacha Agricultural Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Exhibitors: SKYVIV Company Limited; Bruker Singapore Pte. Ltd.; BREVINI (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; Thai Agency Engineering Co., Ltd.; Kulin Formosa Technology Co., Ltd.