KTIS Proudly Presents The First Green Bagasse Straws as Manufacturer in Thailand

Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company Limited, also known locally as KTIS Group, has recently introduced the latest “bagasse straws”, the brand-new product friendly to both consumers and environment as it helps reduce cutting trees for paper straw manufacturing. Its texture is not easily crumbled but can be decomposed within 15 days. The company expects to produce 500,000 straws per day in the initial stage, hoping to sell 30 million by the end of this year thanks to growing demands.

Mr. Nathapun Siriviriyakul, the KTIS Group’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, revealed that the company launched the bagasse straws because they are environmentally friendly in accordance with the company’s working guidelines on socio-environment: KTIS preserves the world to make it lively and communities liveable.

Under operation of the company’s affiliate Environment Pulp and Straw Co. Ltd., up to 500,000 bagasse straws are expected for daily production. However, more can be produced in case of high demands. This year, the sale of the straws is speculated to reach 30 million.

“Bagasse straws differ from typical paper-based ones because they are not easily crumbled even though they have been dipped into water for hours. They are not contaminated with any chemical substances, so they are 100% safe for consumption. Moreover, using bagasse derived from cane extraction done by the KTIS Group will help reduce tree cutting for paper straw production. As a result, bagasse straws are truly friendly to both consumers and environment,” explained Mr. Nathapun.

Currently, the environmental conservation trend is ubiquitous as campaigns to reduce using plastics are increasingly launched. Natural materials like bagasse that can replace plastics and foams tend to grow rapidly, so it is believed that production and sale of bagasse straws can be highly successful.