Shell Strengthens The Thai Sugar Industry with Seminar on “Journey to Success and Sustainable Business for Sugar Industry”

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited reinforces its strategy of strengthening business partnerships by organizing a seminar on “Journey to Success and Sustainable Business for Sugar Industry”

for the 9th consecutive year to support sugar industry businesses and elevate the sugar industry in Thailand to the next level. The seminar involved sharing knowledge and experience in applying modern innovations to manufacturing processes, including maintenance of machinery for maximum efficiency.

About 150 participants attended the seminar on “Journey to Success and Sustainable Business for Sugar Industry,” including experts from Shell in Thailand, Australia, India and the Philippines, as well as engineers, factory managers and executives from leading sugar companies.

Within the seminar, Shell experts in industrial lubricants and related innovations from Thailand, Australia, India and the Philippines joined management from the Office of the Cane and Sugar Board, the Ministry of Industry and representatives of the sugar and sugarcane industry in exchanging knowledge and experience on situations, trends, planning and development in the Thai sugar industry. Participants also had the opportunity to study efficiency improvement systems for heavy machinery and sugarcane cutters, discuss the maintenance and optimization of modern automatic lubricating oil systems, and learn about turbine oil checks using inspection kits. About 150 engineers, factory managers and executives from leading sugar companies attended the seminar.

Ms. Veethara Trakulboon, Executive Director – Lubricants Business, The Shell Company of Thailand Limited, said: “Shell is one of the world’s energy and oil leaders and realizes the importance of lubricants to the success of business operations. We understand that a single interruption can cause the operation of an entire plant to stall. Shell has therefore developed world-class lubricants technology and innovation by continuously working closely with machinery manufacturers, customers and industrial sectors to meet the actual operational needs of customers, increase work efficiency, maintain machinery to run smoother and last longer, reduce total costs of operations and be environmentally friendly.”

Ms. Pathamaporn Sawetjindakorn, Technical Director – Lubricants Thailand, from The Shell Company of Thailand Limited shares and exchanges her knowledge and experience with participants.

Currently, Shell has developed lubricant products and innovations to cover a wide range of applications, including in the sugar industry. These products include hydraulic oil for sugarcane factories and harvesters, as well as transmission oil, grease, turbine oil and engine oil for cane harvesters. In addition to continuously developing world-class quality products, Shell also cares for the environment and places importance on minimizing the impact from the production of lubricant products throughout its supply chain, such as by introducing PurePlus Technology, a patented Shell lubricants technology that helps reduce emissions. These efforts reinforce Shell’s position as the world’s number one lubricants leader for 12 consecutive years, as ranked by the world’s leading market research firm Kline and Company.

“Shell is always ready to stay side by side with our partners to help strengthen their business, both by providing technical expertise and hosting seminars to exchange knowledge among experts and industries. The seminar on “Journey to Success and Sustainable Business for Sugar Industry” reflects our ambition to help partners in the sugar industry – an important industry for Thailand – be able to run their business smoothly, thereby supporting the country’s economic development and sustainable growth and improving the quality of life for stakeholders, in accordance with Shell Thailand’s purpose to “Make Life’s Journeys Better,” Ms. Veethara said.