The High-Performance Solution for Bagging Sugar

The high-performance solution for bagging sugar

The Austrian company STATEC BINDER is dedicated to providing its customers with perfect solutions for packaging and palletising bulk materials. Flexibility is therefore an essential aspect for the company itself and for the development of the machines.
With 40 years of experience, STATEC BINDER is now a technology leader in the area of high-performance open-mouth bagging and has successfully installed more than 1300 machines worldwide.

Over recent years STATEC BINDER has sold a large number of its machines to companies in Asia. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and the Philippines in particular have become important markets for the Austrian company in the last 10 years. STATEC BINDER’s success with Asian customers is a result of its customised solutions and reliable service. Another advantage is the availability of local sales and customer service teams. The company currently has teams in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and Singapore.

STATEC BINDER has been a well-known name in the sugar industry for some years and is now one of the leading suppliers of machines for packaging sugar in PP, PE and paper bags weighing 5 kg to 50 kg. Since 1994 more than 150 bagging and palletising systems have been sold to sugar producers all over the world. Although STATEC BINDER machines are packaging sugar on all five continents, the majority are in operation in Asia and Europe. An increasing number of large-scale projects for sugar producers have been completed in recent years. For those kind of projects as well as others STATEC BINDER’s product portfolio includes three open-mouth bagging machines. PRINCIPAC has an output of up to 2000 bags per hour and is one of the fastest open-mouth bagging machines in the world. CERTOPAC is the second high-performance bagging machine in the family and can fill up to 1500 bags per hour. The third machine is the ACROPAC, which processes 600 bags per hour. As sugar is primarily bagged in woven PP bags, the STATEC BINDER machines have all the necessary technological features and special equipment to process this type of bag perfectly. The machines are also available in stainless steel for customers with special requirements.

The different models are designed for bags with a filling weight of between 5 kg and 50 kg. The bagging process is largely identical in each case. Individual prefabricated pillow or gusset bags made from woven PP, PE or paper are transported separately from a stack in the magazine to the delivery table using vacuum suction cups. Here the bag is opened by a suction bar, inserted onto the filling spout, fixed in position and filled. The filled bag is then picked up and placed on the transport conveyor. From here it is taken to the bag closing machine, which seals the bags using stitching, heat sealing or hot glue, depending on the material. Each stage of the process is carefully monitored to prevent errors from occurring and to ensure that production is not interrupted.

The PRINCIPAC high-performance packaging machine is very popular in Thailand for packaging refined sugar. The PRINCIPAC is also the first choice of all major European sugar companies for packaging sugar in open-mouth bags weighing 25 kg and 50 kg. The “little brother” of the PRINCIPAC is the CERTOPAC, which has been sold primarily to companies in China, Indonesia
and the Philippines. The CERTOPAC is the ideal bagging machine for businesses with a smaller output that still require a high production speed.

Companies in the sugar industry are moving away from manual and semi-automatic packaging machines and are increasingly installing fully automated systems. The ACROPAC is a popular entry-level model for firms that are changing over to fully automatic packaging machines. With an output of up to 600 bags per hour, the ACROPAC is ideal for businesses that are moving to fully automated systems and/or need a lower capacity.

In addition to its bagging machines, STATEC BINDER is supplying an increasing number of its PRINCIPAL-R robot palletisers to Asia. These have been designed specially for sling bags and for this reason are in great demand from customers in Indonesia and the Philippines. With an output of 1000 to 1200 bags per hour, the PRINCIPAL-R is a high-performance robot palletising machine.

The high quality standard of STATEC BINDER’s machines, which is valued by its customers, is achieved by using only the best components from well-known suppliers, by the extensive use of stainless steel and by ensuring that the machines have a sturdy design.

The largest project in the sugar industry that STATEC BINDER is currently working on is in its final phase. A customer in Malaysia will soon have two fully automated PRINCIPAC open-mouth bagging machines, three semi-automatic packaging machines and a Big Bag filling station. STATEC BINDER is also supplying the customer with high-performance weighers with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 % and five PRINCIPAL-R robot palletisers, including stretch wrapping units.

PRINCIPAC High-Performance Packaging Machine

The PRINCIPAC high-performance packaging machine is very popular in Thailand for packaging refined sugar.

This year you can meet the STATEC BINDER team at the World Sugar Expo in October. Next year you will have the opportunity to find out more about STATEC BINDER at Philsutech 2019, the World Sugar Expo 2019, ProPak Philippines 2019, ProPak Vietnam 2019, ProPak Asia 2019 and ProPak China 2018.

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