What to consider when deciding on a new packaging machine and how STATEC BINDER could support you

When you are thinking of purchasing a new packaging machine, there are many other aspects to consider besides the budget and perhaps the available space for the new machine or packaging line. High quality, reliability, flexibility, durability as well as special characteristics in regards to your product could be considered. Delivery time, ease of operation and customer service can also be of great importance. Therefore a strong and reliable partner is required with whom you can build a long-term relationship.

There are many packaging machine manufacturers in the world and each of them has its strengths. The choice of a partner for your project is crucial as the new packaging machine will last for decades if properly maintained. Before choosing a supplier also think about your long-term goals and corporate strategy. The right machine should both meet your needs and support the growth of your business over the years. Therefore, also take into account that investing more money today could save you trouble at a later stage. Since the new packaging machine could last for decades, take a closer look at the customer service provided. Do they offer appropriate training for operation and maintenance teams and do they have a partner or office near you? Are they able to supply spare and wear parts for the next 20 years or even longer? These questions and others should be clarified prior to your decision for a supplier so that you can be sure not only to have the perfect packaging machine but above all to have found a strong partner who is able to support your company’s goals.

First of all the packaging machine manufacturer needs some details to offer you the right solutions for the bagging of your product. Summarized the manufacturer needs the following details:

• Capacity – how much bags or tons do you want to pack per hour?
• Filling weight – do you pack only 10 kg or 25 kg and 50 kg too?
• Bag type – do you use gusset or pillow bags or both?
• Bag material – do you use paper, PE or woven PP bags?
• Special details on your product like bulk density and flowing characteristics
• Details on the environment of the machine like temperature, air humidity and plant conditions

STATEC BINDER, a bagging machine manufacturer from Austria, have been delivering packaging and palletizing systems used in the sugar industry for over 25 years. Thanks to years of experience, STATEC BINDER is now one of the most sought-after specialists when it comes to the packaging and palletizing of sugar. In addition, the company has already supported a large number of customers in moving from manual to fully automatic packaging.

Open-mouth bagging systems are ideally suited for bagging sugar. Due to corrosive and abrasive properties of sugar, particular importance is attached to stainless parts of STATEC BINDER packaging machines. As a standard feature, all parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel. To eliminate the risk of dust explosions during the packaging of sugar, all systems for the sugar industry are designed in accordance with ATEX. STATEC BINDER high-performance net weighers and bag closing systems ensure precise weighing and dosing, as well as a secure closure of bags.

Standing as one of the most efficient machines out of the broad product portfolio of STATEC BINDER, the PRINCIPAC is also among the fastest open-mouth bagging systems on the globe. As a result of this high performance, the product is in great demand within the sugar industry. High flexibility and reliability characterize this machine. Both pillow bags and gusset bags made of woven PP, PE or paper with a filling weight of 10 kg to 50 kg, can be processed – the PRINCIPAC is prepared for a wide range of applications. With further options available, this bagging machine can be optimally adapted to the specific requirements of customers.

The packaging lines are completed with a STATEC BINDER palletizing system. Depending on the desired output and space requirements, high-performance robot palletizier PRINCIPAL-R or the high-level palletizer PRINCIPAL- H ensures an equally formed layer pattern and stable palletizing and rounds off the packaging process perfectly.


With satisfied clients located in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China, America and Europe – STATEC BINDER bagging machines are used worldwide for the packaging of sugar. Whether you are among large sugar producers or smaller firms in the industry and whether you require fully automatic or manual machines – the packaging expert is able to offer the right system to each of its customers to meet their high standards and requirements.

Numerous fully automatic bagging and palletizing systems for the processing of sugar in woven PP, PE and paper bags have already been installed and commissioned on all five continents. Due to sturdy and robust construction, long product life cycles and the high reliability of the machines, STATEC BINDER is a highly demanded partner when it comes to the bagging and palletizing of sugar. In designing the perfect solution for the bagging and palletizing in close cooperation with customers, the Austrian company demonstrates continuously that customer needs have the highest priority.

For these reasons, numerous sugar producers rely on STATEC BINDER machines and successful long-term partnerships are established. STATEC BINDER is aware of one thing: Only the experience and the feedback of customers allow the Austrian company to further develop and optimize their machines and systems, in order to ensure full satisfaction.

Meeting customer needs globally

Starting at the food sector to the petrochemical industry – with over 1,400 machines successfully installed worldwide, STATEC BINDER looks back on numerous positive references. The company counts small firms as well as large corporations, represented on all five continents, among its existing customer base. Thanks to proven technology as well as continuous developments and optimizations, STATEC BINDER serves as an internationally recognized partner to many. After 40 years of experience, the company stands for absolute reliability, characterized by precision and constant innovation.

Customer service as a success factor

Customers all over the world put their trust in STATEC BINDER every day. Expert consulting services, a high level of service competence and support for any concern provide reasons for this. Customer service is characterized by highly trained employees and remote service with real-time support.

STATEC BINDER specialists are always available to provide assistance and answers to questions, from dealing with orders of spare parts and their delivery, ongoing inspections and maintenance of machines and individual customer training programs, to tailor-made service agreements – The fullest satisfaction of the customers has the highest priority. STATEC BINDER focuses on a high level of communication, fast availability and proximity to the customer within its partnerships. That is why a large number of the company’s representatives offer not only consultation, but also support customers with maintenance services and inspections directly and immediately on site.

Further information can be found on our website at

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