April - June 2024

Highlight Contents:

  • Gessner Now Manufacturing in Thailand
  • Maximizing Efficiency and Quality: VEGA Instruments in Sugar and Syrup Manufacturing
  • The Solutions for Packaging and Palletizing Sugar and Sugarcane
  • “High Climber” Harvester added to Samart Range
  • Brazil, Thailand Come to an Agreement Over WTO Dispute about Sugar Subsidies
  • Vietnam Has Great Potential for Biofuel: Experts
January - March 2024

Highlight Contents:

  • Trends in Sugar Industry in 2024, Boosting Expansion Factors of Global Sugar
  • Thailand Agrees to Increase Sugarcane Prices and Orders Sugar to be Controlled Commodity
  • Increase Economic Value of ‘Sugarcane’ by Developing Weed Control Substances to Promote Thai Bio Industry
  • Mitr Phol Group Selects RISE with SAP to Future-Proof Busines

October - December 2023

Highlight Contents:

  • Thailand’s Mitr Phol Achieves Carbon Neutrality Milestone
  • Brazil Offers Ethanol Tech to India, Eyes to Resolve Sugar Dispute at WTO
  • CNH Industrial, Global Brand of Agricultural Equipment, Aims for Thai Market to Promote Local Agriculture
  • Samart Announces Alternative Fuels
  • India Launches Global Biofuel Alliance Aims to Increase Biofuels Across the Globe

July - September 2023

Highlight Contents:

  • OCSB Promotes AI to Enhance the International Cane and Sugar Industries
  • MSM Malaysia Joins ASEAN Sugar Alliance and Aims to Expand Further Export Market
  • Let’s Move Towards Sustainability Together
  • Quality At All Level
  • Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Company to Launch Bioethanol Gasoline
  • Australian Sugar Sets Sail to UK, a First Under Sweet New Free Trade Agreement
April - June 2023


Special Insight :

  • Innovation comes from within By Samart Kasetyon Co., Ltd.
January - March 2023

Focus: “Sugarcane Eco-Industry”: No Waste and Against Global Warming with More Income.

Special Insight :

  • 6X: VEGA’s simple radar formula for better processes. By VEGA Instruments Co., Ltd.
  • Improved Bulk Handling by Efficient Energy Monitoring. By APS Technology Australia Pty Ltd.
October - December 2022

Focus: Why Queensland sugar cane can be the ‘Exxon of biofuels’

Special Insight :  New Generation Farmers Are Choosing Samart Kaset-yon.

Sunliquid® Technology: Advanced Biofuels that Support Thailand’s Decarbonization

July - September 2022

Focus: Renewable Energy for Thailand Decarbonization

Special Insight: Process Improvements and Energy Savings brought by Online Measurement Raw and white sugars, mills and refineries, How Innovative liquid sugar Impact the value chain process of food and beverage industries and STATEC BINDER – the specialist for bagging and palletizing solutions.

April - June 2022

Focus: 5G in agriculture: How smart farming is transforming the oldest industry

Special Insight: ABB to automate bioplastics plant to help meet the growing global demand for sustainable materials.

January - March 2022

Focus: Sugar Sector Recovery to Face New Challenges for Next Season

Special Insight: The sunliquid® process: Bringing new proven solutions for commercial cellulosic ethanol production to Thailand

October - December 2021

Focus: VEGAPULS 69 non-contact radar level measurement sensor with 80 GHz technology

Interview: The sweet world of STATEC BINDER, How sugar is packed worldwide with the help of STATEC BINDER machines

July - September 2021

Focus: Global Sugar Production to Grow Tangibly This Year, Keeping Prices Stable

Interview: Mr. Seksan Phromnit Business Development Manager SEAP, BL Biofuels, Clariant (Thailand) Company Limited. shared us about Cellulosic (2G) ethanol and the renewable and alternative energy development plan 2018–2037.

April - June 2021

Focus: Baling sugarcane leaves: fuelling power plants and reducing air pollution

Interview: Mr. Prasit Vongsatieam, the director of OCSB’s Department of Cane, Sugar and Continuous Industries, and Mr. Thawat Hamarn, the Scientific Specialist Senior Professional Level and Chief Officer of the Department to discuss in the topic includes the origin of new 4 cane species development as well as future directions for OCSB’s cane research and development which will be able to enhance capacities of the world market competitiveness.

January - March 2021

Focus: Thai-Indonesian Cane & Sugar Industries under Close Speculation

Interview: Ms. Raweewan Chuakittisak, an Agricultural Research Officer Senior Professional Level of Khon Kaen Field Crops Research Center and Field and Renewable Energy Crops Research Institute (FCRI) shared us about a new sugarcane variety worthy alternative for Thai farmers and health drink market.

October - December 2020

Focus: Looking ahead to World Sugar Outlook in 2020-2021

Interview: Mr. Phetchuchai Phetlum, the director of Cane Procurement Department, T.N. Wangkanai Co. Ltd. has announced about the great success of the vast cane farm agriculture for the organic industry to management in a cane farm and administration of the organic industry that brightens the future of sugar cane for local farm owners.

July - September 2020

Focus: How to Improving the Fermentation process in Ethanol Production?

Interview: Tackling Covid-19 Impact on Thailand’s Cane & Sugar Industries by Mr. Rangsit Hiengrat, the executive director of Thai Sugar Millers Corp. Ltd., Mr. Issara Thawiltermsap, a member of the executive board of Khonburi Sugar Public Co. Ltd., and Dr. Pipat Weerathaworn, a member of the Committee of Thailand Society of Sugarcane Technologists (TSSCT)

April - June 2020

Focus: Challenges Time of Thailand’s Cane and Sugar Industries in 2020

Interview: Sugar Cane Tractor-Towed Cutter: Innovation to Help Thai Farmers Solve Burned Sugar Cane Problems.

January - March 2020

Focus: Thailand’s government reverses ban of chemicals use in agricultural pesticides citing adverse effects on farmers, industry and international trade.

Interview: Ms Srinaul Leethirananon, Sales director of Samart Kaset Yont Part. Ltd. has announced that it has rebranded development will establish SAMART Kasetyont as an international brand.

October - December 2019

Focus: AI Drone for Sweetness Assessment in Cane Farms: Promoting Thai Agricultural Innovation & Advanced International Standard

Interview:The enhancing “Bioindustries” capacity to diversify risks on cane and sugar industry in Thailand by Dr. Pipat Weerathaworn, a member of the Committee of Thailand Society of Sugarcane Technologists (TSSCT) and an agricultural professional in the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT).

July - September 2019

Focus:Study Shows Adoption of Bonsucro Sustainability Standard Can Halve Sugarcane Industry GHG Emissions

Interview: Survival of Sugarcane Farm Owners from Low Price of World Sugar By Atthasit Buntham, Suphan Buri Field Crop Research Center, Research Institute on Field Crops and Renewable Energy Plants, Department of Agriculture of Thailand.

April - June 2019

Focus: 1 Year in a Nutshell after Thailand ‘Floated Sugar Prices’

Interview: Bonsucro Seeks Pushing Thailand’s Sugar Industry into Sustainability with Mr. Rick Lyu, the platform’s regional director for Asia Pacific of Bonsucro at the Bonsucro Global Week 2019 was held in Bangkok in March. Flip on to the In The Hot Seat section to read more

January - March 2019

Focus: Rise Sugar Industry to overhaul the Sugar System of Thailand 2019

Interview: “Samart Kasetyon” Promotes SM-200 & SM-200 Giant, World-Class Sugarcane Harvesters for Thai & Overseas Markets by Mr Samart Leethirananon and Ms Srinaul Leethirananon, Sales director of Samart Kaset Yont Part. Ltd.

October - December 2018

Focus: Advanced Steam Saving In Cane Sugar Mills By Introducing Falling Film Evaporators

Interview: The Competitive Capability of Sugar Production in Thailand in Comparison with the World Sugar Market by Dr. Pipat Weerathaworn, a member of the Committe of Thailand Society of Sugarcane Technologists (TSSCT) and an agricultural professional in the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)

July - September 2018

Focus: Global Sugar Alliance Raises Alarm as Subsidised Sugar Exports Start to Flood World Market

Interview: BOSCH REXROTH Drives the Sugar Industry Forward With Cutting-Edge Optimization Techs by Mr. Fredrik Thors, Manager of Hagglunds Products& Solutions DC-HD/SAL-STH, Rexroth Bosch Thailand.

April - June 2018

Focus: “Buriram Sugar” Forges Alliances to Expand its Business towards Medical Equipment

Interview: STATEC BINDER Proposes ‘Automation’ As a Solution to Labor Crisis in the Thai Sugar Industry by Mr. Attawit Armincen, Managing Director of SB (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

January - March 2018

Focus: Thailand’s Cane and Sugar Industry at a Crossroads in 2018

Interview: Turning Waste into Gold: How Indonesia Adds Value to Bagasse by Dr. Ir. Hj. R. Sabrina, M.Si, the Senior Advisor of the Minister on Food, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.

October - December 2017

Focus: The latest Generation of Colobserver® A smart and High-Tech eye to Track Sugar Quality

Interview: “ASEAN Sugar Alliance”: Taking Cane and Sugar Industry Development to the Next Level by Mr. Rangsit Hiangrat, Director of Thai Sugar Millers Co., Ltd. (TSMC)

July - September 2017

Focus: Why does India’s Sugar Output Reaches Record to Higher?

Interview: “M.K.T. Magnetic” To Top Magnet Market for Thai Sugar Industry under New Exec by Ms. Merceline Pattrarakornvorakul, Executive at M.K.T. Magnetic Co., Ltd.

April - June 2017

Focus: Thai Sugar Industry To End Quota System in Favor of Sugar Price Floating

Interview: CASE IH, A Key Partner for the South East Asian Sugarcane Industry by CNH Industrial’s Managing Director SEA, Mark Brinn

January - March 2017

Focus: Brazil’s Ethanol Success for Energy Sustainability

Interview: Climate Change and Its Impact on the Production and Quality of Thai Cane by Mr. Artasit Boontham, Senior Agronomist at Department of Agriculture of Thailand.

October - December 2016

Focus: Thai Sugar Industry Reform Towards International Standards

Interview: Thailand’s Ethanol Industry in 2016 by Mr.Pipat Suttiwisedsak, Managing Director at Ekarat Pattana Co., Ltd.

July - September 2016

Focus: Analysis of the Thailand Sugar Industry In 2016

Interview: VEGAPULS 64 World’s First 80 GHz Radar Level Sensor for Liquids in the Food Industry by Mr. Sombat Tuntiwong, the Managing Director of VEGA Instruments Co., Ltd.

April - June 2016

Focus: Asian Nations Sweeten To Idea of Sugar Taxes on Fizzy Drinks

Interview: A Quick Glimpse of The Thai Sugar Industry. By Industry Expert By Dr. Kitti Choonhawong as president of Thailand Society of Sugar Cane Technologist (TSSCT)

January - March 2016

Focus: Automation in the Sugar Industry by Siemens Thailand

Interview: “KBS” towards Integrated Energy Business and Sustainable Development for Cane Farmers By Mr. Issara Twiltermsup, Executive Director of Khonburi Sugar PCL

October - December 2015

Focus: Stable Opportunities for “Cane Cultivation in Rice Paddies”

Interview: How Siemens Helps Increase the Efficiency in the Thai Sugar Industry by Mr. Dieter Broeckl, Senior Vice President of the Digital Factory Division (DF) and Process Industries & Drive (PD) of Siemens Thailand

July - September 2015

Focus: Thai Sugar to Join Force with Indonesia for ASEAN Alliance

Interview: Sugar Industry Joins Force with Cane Farmers for Co-development by Mr. Papon Chutinuntanakul, Managing Director of Real Soluplus Co., Ltd

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