Consistency, Efficiency and Cost are three most important elements of successful packaging today. Today with increasing cost & physical demands and the inconsistency with Manual (hand) stretch wrapping, Companies are finding means & ways to justify the purchase of stretch wrapping machine that would compliment their unique operational demands and return of investment. PHOENIX Wrappers ability to wrap any given load (heavy or light weight ) and delivery enormous film cost savings through its 245% patented pre-stretch (1=3.5) system could be what you need!

Which type of stretch wrapping machine is best suited for your application? You must first know the difference between the Semi- Automatic & Fully Automatic Pallet Wrappers and distinctive benefits of each.

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

If you’re handling low-volume applications, a semi automatic stretch wrapper may be the best solution for you. Machines require an operator to place the pallet loads on the stretch wrapper and apply the film tail to the load to initiate the cycle. After which, the stretch wrapper applies the film and wraps the pallet load.

These systems are generally used in low volume applications with fewer than 35 loads/ hour. The purchase of stretch wrapping is easily justifiable.

There are 3 basic types of semi automatic stretch wrapping machines.

1. Low Profile Turntable Stretch Wrappers:

Best for pallet jack operations; these machines are designed with the turntable positioned less than 3 inches from the floor. Using a ramp, pallet jacks can easily place loads on this series

2. High Profile Turntable Stretch Wrappers:

This machine is designed specifically for forklift loaded applications. Compared to low profile turntable stretch wrappers, this turntable provides easier loading and positioning access because it is elevated.

3. Overhead Rotary Arm Stretch Wrappers:

Designed for heavy or unstable pallet loads (light, tall, and poorly constructed loads), this type of stretch wrapper allows loads to be easily wrapped while stationary on the floor. Three mounting configurations are available: Wall Mount, Floor Mount and Free Standing Gantry.

Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machines

Automatic stretch wrapping machines, require no operator intervention during the cycle. Loads are typically brought to the machine on a conveyor belt so that the machine can automatically begin wrapping.

These systems are commonly used in higher volume applications, from 20 pallets per hour to up to 120 loads per hour being wrapped.

There are 5 specific function that a true automatic stretch wrapping machine be able to perform.
1. HOLD the tail of the film to start each stretch wrapping cycle,
2. WRAP the product based on the wrapping parameters,
3. CUT the stretch film from the pallet load and secure it in a clamp.
4. APPLY or SEAL the tail end of the stretch film to the load. To ensures that the hanging edge does not unravel during transit to the customer.
5. The ability to apply a Top Sheet (for Water proof or Dust proof) application.

Note; as some semi automatic machines can have options and gadgets added to help give machines extra automation but do not properly provide all of these features.

We have a useful option on semi automatics that allows the film to be torn off at the end of a cycle, so the operator does not have to cut the film. While this is a useful feature.

There are also 4 basic types of automatic stretch wrapping machines. Here are some key features of each:

1. Non-Conveyorized Automatics:

Operators just have to place the pallet on the stretch wrapper and pull the cord to begin the automatic cycle. This machine eliminates the need for operators to get off the forklift to stretch wrap pallets and is available for both low profile, high profile & Rotary Arm operations.

2. Conveyorized Turntable:

This system offers a flexible and economical stretch wrapping solution for up to 60 loads per hour with optional 4,000 – 5,000 lbs (1.8 – 2.2ton) capacity. Featuring a compact design,

3. Conveyorized Rotary Arm:

These machines eliminate the need to rotate the pallet being stretch wrapped. Whether dealing with heavy or unstable loads, it can quickly and efficiently be wrapped with this system. Start and stop the cycle anywhere on the load. This concept offers high throughput speed (up to 110 loads per hour).

4. Rotary Ring:

Rotary rings are unique because they rotate only the carriage itself. Featuring a compact design, this stretch wrapper is suited for constant applications. The Phoenix PRRA Rotary Ring Pallet Wrapper reduces film costs dramatically because it can start and stop the cycle anywhere on the load. This concept offers high speed throughput (up to 150 loads per hour).

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