STATEC BINDER is the global specialist for high-quality packaging and palletizing of free-flowing to powdery bulk materials. With more than 40 years of experience in packaging and palletizing technology, the company has distinguished itself in the international market with flexible and customer-oriented packaging technology.

From food such as rice, sugar or flour, to animal feed and fertilizers for agriculture, to plastic granulates for the petrochemical industry: STATEC BINDER is the reliable partner in Asia when it comes to the packaging process of your individual product. Highest quality, precision and customer satisfaction are among others the company’s top priorities.

The Austrian company counts small businesses as well as large corporations, represented on all continents, among its existing group of clients. With more than 1,700 machines installed worldwide, the company can look back on numerous positive references.

Thanks to proven technology, as well as constant further development and optimization, STATEC BINDER is internationally in high demand as a reliable partner. In order to be able to meet customer requirements in the long term, STATEC BINDER machines are kept state-of-the-art through system improvements and are constantly being further developed – from which you can benefit as a customer.

Among other exciting projects, the company is launching a completely new operating system for its machines in summer 2023. The new HMI (Human Machine Interface) is intended to provide customers with the best possible support in machine control. The simple operation and overviews ensure uncomplicated machine control and maintenance.

The product portfolio

Curious about which machines in the product range?

The wide-ranging product portfolio offers custom-fit solutions for products from a wide variety of industries in the highest quality and most sophisticated design. The PRINCIPAC, CERTOPAC, ACROPAC and CIRCUPAC open-mouth bagging systems are designed for polyethylene (PE), woven polypropylene (PP) and paper bags with a filling weight of 5 kg to 50 kg. The high-performance segment is complemented by the SYSTEM-T FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) machine for bag processing from tubular film and the SYSTEM-F vertical FFS machine for bag processing from flat film.

The broad product range of STATEC BINDER is rounded off by robotic, high-level and portal palletizing systems. The PRINCIPAL-H, PRINCIPAL-R and PRINCIPAL-P palletizers are characterized by their high efficiency and adaptability. High-performance net weighers and bag closing systems ensure precise weighing and dosing, as well as a secure closure of bags.

You don’t know exactly which machine is best for you?

That’s no problem with a collaboration with STATEC BINDER. The choice of the optimal machine is made in consultation with experienced sales personnel and always takes into account the conditions of your product and your plant conditions.

How does a packaging machine work?

The purpose of any packaging machine is basically always the same: to package products as efficiently and, above all, safely as possible.

But how does such a packaging machine basically work? Depending on the type of packaging machine, in our case open-mouth bags or FFS for free-flowing to powdery products, the packaging process runs differently. However, the basic principle is the same:

  1. A single sack, e.g. made of woven PP, PE or paper, is placed on the filling clamp.
  2. The product is filled into the sack.
  3. It is conveyed to a closing machine.


Sounds like a simple process. The complex thing about packaging machines is not the basic process, but the adjustments and precision of the components.

Fully automatic packaging machines only function reliably when specific process steps are coordinated with each other. The interaction is of utmost importance here, because otherwise it could happen that a filled sack is released too early or the product flows without a sack having been attached to the filling clamp. Such scenarios must of course be prevented and this requires precise programming, commissioning and operation. If cleaning and maintenance measures are then carried out regularly, a packaging machine will provide several decades of good service.

How does a palletiser work?

In palletisers, whether high-layer or robotic palletisers, bags or cartons are stacked on a pallet and then secured for storage or shipping, for example.

A simple description of how a palletiser works:

  1. A sack or carton arrives at the palletiser via a conveyor belt.
  2. It is brought into the correct position and positioned on the pallet.
  3. As soon as the layer is finished, the next layer is started and thus sacks or cartons are
    stacked more and more on top of each other.
  4. When the defined number of layers has been reached, the entire pallet is conveyed to
    the pallet securing unit.

The STATEC BINDER customer service

Complete customer satisfaction is the highest priority for the European company. To ensure this, a comprehensive customer service program is offered.

With the 1-6-11 program, the company makes the promise that customers will receive excellent after-sales support. This is to provide customers with the best possible training for the equipment after the purchase to guarantee the best possible operation of the installed machines. Specially trained and qualified employees are available to assist you on site and commission the machines together with you.

Perfectly coordinated service appointments and spare parts deliveries, customer training, a remote maintenance system & support, as well as optimization & modernization of system components to always be at the state-of-the-art, round off the comprehensive customer

Customers all over the world put their trust in STATEC BINDER every day. Would you like to see what customers worldwide have to say about the company? Then the various case studies at https://www.statec-binder.com/en/news-events/case-studies/ are the perfect place to find out more about the quality and performance of the machines.

Would you like to see how a packaging machine works and is constructed?

Then take the opportunity and visit the STATEC BINDER booth no. U31 at ProPak Asia 2023 in Thailand. The 30th International Exhibition for Packaging and Processes in Asia will take place from June 14 to 17 at the BITEC Exhibition Center in Bangkok.

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