M.K.T. Magnetic to Top Magnet Market for Thai Sugar Industry Under New Exec

M.K.T. Magnetic Services aims to magnet market Thai sugar industry

We have to adjust our strategies to suit the current landscape while maintaining our position. If we do not open up and continue to learn, we will not be able to lead our business to accomplish its targets,” Merceline Pattrarakornvorakul, Executive at M.K.T. Magnetic, told Sugar Asia.

M.K.T. Magnetic Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial magnets, especially for the sugar industry, as well as metal detectors, magnetic conveyors, and automatic checkweighers. Having been in the business over 20 years, it is the company in Thailand to own a laboratory equipped with cutting-edge certified instruments, including the state-of-the-art high-accuracy frequency core metal detector, which is easy to operate and maintain. The company also offers unparalleled aftersales services.

Q: M.K.T. Magnetic - The Leader of Magnet Products for Thailand’s Sugar Industry

Established in 1999 and located in Bangchan Industrial Estate, M.K.T. Magnetic manufactures and distributes industrial magnets and is an established name in Thailand’s sugar industry, widely recognized for its comprehensive expertise. It is the only company in Thailand to own a laboratory with advanced, high-accuracy equipment and offer high-precision Duo Frequency Core, gaussmeter calibration, and magnet calibration services of highest standards. The only ISO 900: 2015-certified magnet company in Thailand, M.K.T. Magnetic has its equipment calibrated every year to ensure highest quality and offers the best aftersales services.

Q: New Executive at the Helm of M.K.T. Magnetic Co., Ltd.

Stepping up to the plate to take on this mantle of leadership is Ms. Merceline Pattrarakorn- vorakul, a Business and Law graduate from Leeds Business School in the U.K who garnered experience through site visits during her school years. With support and advice from the executive team of a corporate in the Netherlands, she has adapted some factory improvement and management plans to Thailand, especially M.K.T. Magnetic Co., Ltd. She has also learned the ropes from her father, the previous executive, enabling her to take on the challenge of managing the organization while remaining in touch with the current state of the industry with confidence.

>> Ms. Merceline Pattrarakornvorakul, Executive at M.K.T. Magnetic Co., Ltd.
>>Ms.Merceline with her father's, Mr.Mana Srikongkerd is Managing Director of CHJC Chain Co., Ltd and Business Consultants of M.K.T Magnetic Co., Ltd.

Q: A Change in Leadership and the New Management Vision

For over 20 years under her father’s leadership, the company was always a family business in its management structure. However, Thailand later saw an economic expansion and greater openness to new cultures and beliefs that led to fiercer competition. Also, the current digital age has played increasingly greater roles, swiftly altering the media and making presentation of information more vibrant. The company has thus realigned its vision to the current era while maintaining its position. If executives do not open up and continue to learn, they will not be able to lead their business to accomplish its targets.

“Taking up the baton as a successor during the current economic climate is challenging. Although it can be disheartening that many question how femininity will play out in the management of businesses in the sugar industry or other industries in general, what my father has taught me and the experience I accumulated during my years in school and overseas excursions have quelled my concern about adapting. Also, the challenge has been a good motivator for me. With my unique ideas and conviction in fostering human resources, coupled with our intention to use teamwork-based management and give opportunities to younger generations in the organizations to express their opinions fully, the company will successfully introduce new approaches to our operations and enable the company to run on its own. We will also develop the company by inviting experts to share their knowledge with our employees.”

Q: The Role and Responsibilities towards Maintaining the Company’s Standard

“The most important thing is adapting to the organization, learning its culture and the way of life of its personnel, and understanding how and why each employee thinks or decides a certain way. With an understanding of how the organization operates, we can determine the strengths and weaknesses of our employees, allowing us to fully tap into their potentials and offset or overcome those shortcomings.”

“As an executive who is succeeding to the leadership position of a company that previously ran as a family business, which I am not familiar with, I am taking this opportunity to learn the roles and responsibilities of each position in every division as well as determine their strengths and weaknesses to reduce operation time. We have to strengthen and streamline the organization as well as reduce the time we need to get in touch with our clients to provide them services and meet their needs as much as possible. At the same time, I have also been learning from my father in terms of procuring additional technology and finding suppliers. Also, I have applied my father’s working principles to the learning of the technical side of the business.”

Q: Policy and Strategies for the Future Growth of the Organization in the Thai Sugar Industry

“The company’s policy focuses on quality control and aftersales services, with emphasis on sincerity towards our clients. At the same time, the company is also developing itself constantly. In addition to having obtained a certificate from Japan, M.K.T. Magnetic has joined forces with quality suppliers from other countries such as South Korea, China, and India and continuously expanded its business bases. Furthermore, because of stronger competition, we have to focus on quality control and keep developing new products. M.K.T. Magnetic is the only ISO 900:2015-certified company in Thailand and provides calibration services, in which we use cutting-edge calibration instruments that have been certified and constantly updated by overseas organizations. These calibration services also answer the needs of the Thai sugar industry.”

>> M.K.T Magnetic Co., Ltd. has showcases the latest products at ProPak Asia 2017. It was held on 14-17 June 2017 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.

Q: Comprehensive Business Development to Answer Clients’ Needs and Bring Greatest Satisfaction

As both an OEM and a trading company, M.K.T. Magnetic is trying to create business assets that cater to both existing client groups and related groups. It enjoys the upper hand over its competitors thanks to its comprehensive product presentation through both offline and online channels and a wide range of delivery options for the convenience of the clients. The company also monitors its clients’ needs and develop the organization and personnel by both inviting experts from overseas to host training sessions in Thailand and sending its employees to train abroad to improve their service. Furthermore, M.K.T. Magnetic also branches out to new business asset lines every year to ensure a comprehensive range of products in higher demand.

Currently, M.K.T. Magnetic is in the top two of Thailand’s magnet industry. For certain products that the company does not have such as metal detectors used in X-ray, the company will represent Korean companies that do as it has deemed that these X-ray machines and other equipment are indispensable for production lines in the sugar industry.

“In sugar mills, products must always go through an X-ray machine, a metal detector, or a magnetic detection process before they are packed into bags. This process is required right from the first step, which is cane crushing. Cane plants that are dumped into hoppers might contain stray metal pieces from the equipment used to cut or snap them such as hoes, spades, and wrenches. These metal fragments may remain in the cane plants fed to the cane juice extraction and the milling process, and our electric magnets are used to detect these contaminants here. We still offer these machines, which are indispensable in every mill, for sale.

However, smaller magnets that we sell are used more widely. Using 3D AutoDesk Inventor with genuine license, we design magnets to the needs of our clients and work to ensure ease of installation. For example, we can take measurements of the magnet that our clients need and design accordingly, so that the resulting product will perfectly fit their specifications and consume less time.

>>Mr.Mana Srikongkerd is Managing Director of CHJC Chain Co., Ltd

Q: M.K.T. Magnetic’s Potential and Prospect in Thailand’s Sugar Industry

“The sugar industry has grown quite quickly after OSCB issued more sugar mill permits. So, this presents a perfect opportunity for us to expand our market. We have always focused on providing quality aftersales services and are confident that we are number one when it comes to calibration instruments and services. We also believe that our company is well recognized in the sugar industry because we are the trailblazer and get in touch with almost every sugar mill. The sugar industry needs three main instruments, namely magnets, metal detectors, and X-ray machines,” said Merceline and Mana.

Q: Economic Outlook and Future Trends of the Magnet Industry In Relation To Thailand’s Sugar Industry

“As a result of the current economic recession, consumers have tightened their belts and been more careful about their spending. Our company has been indirectly affected as well and expected a slump in the magnet industry in relation to the sugar industry until Thailand’s economy begins to look up in some sectors.”

“Every sugar mill will need to use these machines with no exception, but the extent depends on the scale of their cane crushing. In addition, the equipment needs replacement every now and then. Our growth has been moderate in the sugar industry. These machines are changed when there is a production line expansion or when their parts wear out,” added Merceline.


Address : 111 Bangchan Industrial Estate, Serithai 58 Rd, Minburi, Minburi, Bangkok, Thailand 10510
Email : sales@mktmagnetic.com
Tel : 02-906-8077 , 02-906-3003, 02-906-3370 , 02-906-3371
Fax : 02-906-8078 , 02-136-1682
Website : www.mktmagnetic.com

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